The research methodology will be developed according to a seven-phase work plan:

  1. Crime Scene Techniques and Procedures Macro Analysis – training of the Experienced Researcher (ER) in crime scene analysis and evaluation of current and potential methodologies will be undertaken at the beginning of the IF (WP2);
  1. Case Study Selection and Modelling Pipeline Elaboration – a diverse range of case studies will be identified (Poland, Serbia, Bosnia, The Netherlands, Germany and Cyprus) and appropriate methodologies devised for their investigation. Initially, mock scenes will be used at Staffordshire University’s Crime Scene House.
  1. Survey planning, Data collection and processing – 3D, 4D and 5D modelling methods will be tested on the case studies previously identified according to pre-defined Standards.
  1. Assessment and Benchmarks – 3D, 4D and 5D data will be assessed according to quality parameters currently used in  traditional  forensic  documentation.
  1. New Data acquisition – new field surveys will be performed exploiting the updated modelling methodology. Data will be evaluated and new benchmarks created until final Standards are achieved.
  1. Guidelines and Training Programme Development and Implementation – guidelines will be written and training courses according to them will be developed.