Host Organization

The project will be hosted by the Centre of Archaeology of the Staffordshire University, an organization at the forefront of developments in the creation and application of non- invasive archaeological surveying methods to domestic crime scenes and international genocide investigation.


A secondment period is planned for the Experienced Researcher (ER).

He will join Advanced Laser Imaging (ALI) Team, a commercial firm based in London, specialized in laser scanning in forensic and policing contexts. ALI contributed significantly to many of the highest profile criminal investigations, inquests and security operations in the UK and abroad becoming recognized as being among the world leaders in this field.

This project will be the first of its kind in Europe. This is a fundamental piece of research work that will not only impact on the ER and host organizations but also forensic organizations in the EU. This includes actors and stakeholders from inter-sectorial organizations across Europe and beyond. Thus synergies and impact within a significant area of practice and research will be created.